Bring your Wordle Statistics!

This tool allows you to enter your existing Wordle statistics from other websites into Free Wordle. This way there is no downside to switching to Free Wordle. Any statistics you've earned here previously in Free Wordle will be erased, as you might expect. Statistics you have on other sites will not be affected.

Note that it is possible to 'combine' two sets of statistics using this tool, if your math skills are up to it, and you've been using two sites simultaneously. Most people don't need to do this however.

It's possible that your Current Streak statistic may get reset on playing your first game, following import. This is currently unavoidable (we're working on it!) All other statistics will carry over however, and you will benefit from our Average Number of Guesses statistic, unique to Free Wordle, which is arguably a far better metric for tracking your overall skill level over a lifetime of playing, than 'length of streak'. Enjoy!